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Kidney Stone Home Remedy – Why Dissolving Calcium will Pass Kidney Stones Naturally

What is the most effective kidney stone home remedy? Surprisingly, kidney stones are not very difficult to pass. You might have already been recommended to drink plenty of water to pass your stones with no avail. But if you have kidney stones that are bigger than 7 mm you may want to dissolve them before you pass them. As you know, they can be painful!

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Fact! About 85% of kidney stones are less than 7 mm and are made up of calcium. These two conditions make kidney stone home remedies one of the most popular treatments in natural health. And one of the simplest!

Why Dissolving Kidney Stones is Simple

Have you ever noticed calcium deposits on your bathtub or shower? It isn’t a pretty site! But numerous cleaners have remedied the problem in your shower by using an acid for an ingredient in the cleaning agent.

But before you start drinking shower cleaner (obviously you should NOT drink any cleaning product), you should think of how acids can dissolve hard substances, like calcium.

Battery acid dissolves metal nails. Stomach acid dissolves through tooth enamel. This same concept can be used in a kidney stone home remedy. By using natural acids found in fruits and beverages, researchers have found a remedy that dissolves stones in the kidneys.

And this works because the liver plays no role in acid or base filtration. Therefore, by drinking or consuming certain natural acids, you can literally dissolve calcium based kidney stones right from your kidney. And you could pass them in less than 24 hours.

Why Phosphoric Acid Works?

What acid will do the trick for dissolving the calcium?

what does it feel like to pass a kidney stoneAfter study upon study, researchers believe that phosphoric acid is the perfect remedy for kidney stones. This type of acid is very acidic and provides many beverages with its citric flavor. It has also been used in industrial strength cleaning products. But the secret lies in how the phosphoric acid can reach the kidneys and penetrate through the toughest stone walls.

Obviously, it is recommended that a person still drinking plenty of water after the treatment because water can dilute the concentrated phosphoric acid and also prevent future stones. And others believe that baking soda is another alternative for neutralizing the phosphoric acid after the treatment.

Whatever the case, if you are interested in a simple and effective home remedy for kidney stones, you might want to consider phosphoric acid?

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Published: 7/31/2008

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    Keep posting and I’ll keep coming back, thanks

  2. Dr. Christopher’s Products, 02 July, 2010

    To help the prevention of kidney stones, fluid intake should be two to three litres per day. Water is the best.

  3. Dr. Christopher’s Products, 02 July, 2010

    Drink at least 8 glasses of water or other non-caffeinated liquid a day to get rid of kidney stones.

  4. Glenn T@Cure Herpes, 04 July, 2010

    I agree with the above commenter. The best way is to drink and drink and drink…water. Keep away from caffeine and if you exercise a lot, keep rehydrating.
    .-= Glenn T@Cure Herpes´s last blog ..Genital Herpes Treatments =-.

  5. Reglazing Now Corp, 14 July, 2010

    keep drinking water for you to not dehydrate…

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    You’re wondering how to cure kidney stones without receiving the expensive shock wave therapy and pain medication. Discover 4 Kidney Stones Natural Remedies.

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    Another well known cure for kidney stones seems so simple it’s hard to think … Tea to Dissolve kidney stones. A kidney stone is formed naturally

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    My father has tried this and I must say that it does work and it is highly recommended to use this method.

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    Kidney stones natural cures are available today which ensure that without using medicines or surgery, you can get rid of kidney stones. Actually it passes through urine, though you may not notice it. Water helps a lot in curing kidney stone. Sometimes the size of the s

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