Does Walking a Lot Help To Pass Kidney Stones?

I’d like to hear from people who have passed them, and find out if it helped you to walk a lot. Any other things you would suggest? I’ve had this very small stone in my ureter for 3 weeks, and I’m going to need surgery to retrieve it, if I don’t pass it within the next 10 days. Help!!

P.S. The stone is very small… only 2 mm.
The urologist said there may be a defect in the ureter that it is catching on, because stones this small usually pass more easily.

passing kidney stones

  1. sarge, 12 September, 2009

    Exercise of any kind, especially walking is good for everybody, but I doubt it will help you "pass" a stone. Fluid intake will help more than anything. You should drink enough fluids to be able to pass at least 2 quarts of urine a day. The more the better. Stones made of calcium or calcium products account for 92 percent of all stones. If you are prone to kidney stones, be careful of your calcium intake and oxalate-rich foods such as beans, beets, celery, chocolate, green peppers, spinach, strawberries and tea, among others. As little as 10mg of B6 a day can help lower the amount of oxalate in your urine. Increase your Vit A which helps keep the lining of the utinary tract in good shape. Check your antacids. If they are calcium based, choose a different product. Lay off the salt, be careful of your Protein, Vit C and Vit D. The key is to limit, not delete the vitamins and minerals mentioned here. In the short time frame…water, water, water at this point will help more than anything else. Caution here! I am not a doctor. My source is hshown below. Follow your doctor’s orders above everything else.

  2. stephgab, 12 September, 2009

    I have not personally gone through this but i am a nursing student and have helped taken care of a couple patients who had this and it was most helpful to walk a lot and drink lots of water. This will help to keep ur circulation up and hopefully get the stone out.

  3. tine, 12 September, 2009

    try drinking LOTS of coconut juice (coconut water). a friend of mine used this type of "water therapy" when he got kidney stones. The stones passed out of his body without having to go thru surgery.

    hope that helps!

  4. Susan S, 12 September, 2009

    Ouch. Perhaps your kidney stone is too large for you to pass. Did they tell you how big it is? I would suggest flushing your system by drinking plenty of fluids. Wishing you good luck.

  5. italianone70, 12 September, 2009

    try white cranberry juice…it helped me…i had tried the sonar and everything else..then i tried this for 2 days,and it did the trick..good luck

  6. tercir2006, 12 September, 2009

    Everyone is suggesting lots of fluids. I’ve passed five stones, thank you. When I was in the throws of the pain, there was NO WAY I could walk. The fact that you are able to walk suggests to me it may be too large to pass on it’s own. I don’t mean to frighten you, but it is better to be well informed. If people are saying "Walk", then WALK!

    Good luck to you. I feel for your pain. Really.

  7. Guruprasad, 26 July, 2010

    Now a days we see the kidney stone problem is common in people.This will torture the people causing pain in kidneys.Passing stones is easily possible only by two ways.One is by drinking much water per day and the other is by walking or doing some exercises.Thanks for giving the importance of walking in reducing kidney stones..

  8. Sarah H, 09 October, 2010

    I actually pass a stone a month (the largest being 14 mm) for the last 7 years. As soon as I feel a stone move out of my kidney, I start walking and I jump at least 30 times every night before I go to bed. The worst pain for me is when it’s at the end of the ureter – not when it’s moving and I attribute a lot of it to my movement throughout the day and my water intake. Many of these stone’s I’ve passed with little to no drugs and for me they pass rather quickly. Again, I attribute this to movement and fluid intake. It’s most important to read as much as you can and make sure you and your urologist talk about what will work best for you. Stones pass differently for everyone. I know people who have to have them broken up every time one moves and, in my case, never had to be blasted or have surgery. Good luck.

  9. Steven, 31 March, 2011

    I can tell you not to reduce calcium. Calcium intake has been shown that it does not affect done formation. Reducing protien has been shown to help. Lots of water. Lemon can be added for flavor and can be a natural diuretic that can cause the body to release excess fluid, which can help to flush out. My Urologist has said that, whole cranberry juice would help, you have to drink very large quantities of it, and that makes it an unrealistic aid. For me, walking increases the pain. I have trouble passing even the smallest stones. I am writing this from my hospital bed, trying to pass a 3mm stone that haas been causing me pain for 5 days now. I have only been able to pass 1 out of 6 stones, the rest they had to go get as they get stuck. This is the second one I have had a fever with. I just visited another site that said drink lemonade, but not other juice, wine is a god

  10. Steven, 31 March, 2011

    Sorry, hit enter by accident. Wine is a good deterrent to herero them from forming, said a glass a day. Avoid high oxalate foods as well.

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