Passing Kidney Stones Naturally

About 85% of kidney stones (five millimeters or less in size) pass naturally through the urinary tract in two to three days. Although, some stone can take weeks, months, and even a year or more to pass from the body.

  1. Diane@ Title Loans, 19 April, 2011

    How does one know if they have kidney stones? I went to the bathroom the other day and before I flushed, I saw something in the toilet that wasn’t there before I urinated. It looked white with flowy looking things (maybe tissue?) and a spec of darkness in the mass. Are kidney stones typically painful even if I drink plenty of water?

  2. Amber, 18 September, 2011

    I am curious, is it natural for our body to form stones all the time? How are these formed? Are our kidneys responsible for this?

    Also, does eating more of a type of food create more stones in our body?

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