whats the best way to get rid of kidney stones besides drinkin alot of water?

besides water and cranberry juice and no surgery any othe cures of passing kidney stones for a women

  1. soul_cade, 21 February, 2011

    I’ve been dealing with micro kidney stones for about two years now. I’ve looked into absolutely everything there is about treatment. Drinking water is number one, but also doctors agree on lemon juice. I also tried a crazy flush with pure raw apple juice. Drink 1 gallon a day for 3 days, then repeat one week later, and then one more time the next week. At the end of the last day you drink or eat a lemon or two, and then lay on your pain side for an hour. Be sure to brush your teeth as soon as you drink the lemon juice because its pure acid.

    I don’t know if this helped me, but when I returned to the doctor after doing this flush, he said I no longer have any blood in my urine. I still have the pain, but no blood so thats improvement.

    Never drink Coffee, Tea, or Alcohol. Never eat chocolate, nuts, or whole grain bread. These are the big culprits of kidney stones because they are full of oxalate, which is what makes the stones. You can find lists of oxalate rich foods online. A lot of foods and drinks have it, but some are higher than others. Calcium actually helps prevent the stones, so eating it with oxalate rich foods can help. The pills don’t work as it has to be a calcium rich food like broccoli.

    Heres an interesting tip. If you would like to eat lemons without the horrible taste, try the amazing miracle fruit. It makes anything thats sour taste sweet for an hour. So the lemon tastes like lemonade and goes down like strawberries. I suggest taking two berries at once. You can get them at http://miraclefruitman.com

  2. DrLove, 21 February, 2011

    Nope sorry. Doctors usually do one of two things 1) Send you home with pain meds and a strainer, tell you to drink a lot of fluids and strain your urine so you know if the stones passed 2) Lithotripsy, usually used to break up bigger stones into smaller pieces so you can pass them more easily.
    *One thing you can do is avoid soda and high calcium foods right now esp. if you have the calcium based stones*

  3. PRATHER, 21 February, 2011

    i have stones in both kidneys and i undergo Lithotripsy every 5 weeks. They give you gen anesthesia and shock the side of you and break the stones up. You can get anywhere from 3000 to 10000 shocks and its a big help

    To my knowledge there are three options- (1) You’ll be prescibed pain pills and pass the stone. (2) If the kidney stone is to large to pass, it may have to be surgically removed. (3) There is a certain chemical that can dissolve kidney stones.

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