How long can you put of treating a possible UTI / Bladder Infection / Kidney Infection?

I can’t see my doctor until most like Wednesday or Thursday but I’m feeling like I have a bad UTI with some bladder and kidney involvement since I am having flank and back pain.
I am really not in the position to see a doctor right now, is there any possible way I can delay treatment for maybe three days?

  1. Susiecat, 21 February, 2011

    It is very dangerous to put off treating a UTI/Bladder/Kidney infection.

    The only minor thing you could do is drink lots of water and cranberry juice BUT , I don’t even like to suggest this.
    Please try to go to an Urgent Care Center or even an ER – because you could do serious irrepararable damage to your kidneys etc.
    You can do without 1 kidney but not 2 kidneys – then you would be on dialysis the rest of your life.
    You are dealing with something serious, so don’t delay until Wednesday or Thursday.
    Call your doctor’s line and most doctor’s leave an emergency number to call and they should call you back with some advice and maybe even be able to phone in a prescription for you if the doctor thinks it might be a kidney involvement.
    Don’t Delay!
    I wish you well.

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