What is the treatment for beaning Leukemia?

My moms close friend went to the hospital for a kidney stone, they ran a standard blood test and he tested positive for Leukemia. They said it’s very very VERY early stage, if that is, what is the treatment for Leukemia at the first few weeks of it?

It’s an act of God that they found it this early because of the kidney stone… Before he started getting really sick with it…

  1. starchilde5, 21 February, 2011

    It’s difficult to give you an accurate answer since treatment will be tailored specifically to your friend’s type of leukeamia, the stage it is at and her state of health. Chemotherapy and blood transfusions are likely.

  2. Kat, 21 February, 2011

    Probably chemo. It’s cancer.

  3. matador 89, 21 February, 2011

    Alyx H,
    Leukemia has two classification criteria which determine the type of leukemia. It involves the rate of developement and the type of white blood cells that are affected. Chronic leukemia – this is a type of leukemia characterized by a slow progression. In its early stages, chronic leukemia is asymptomatic, because the small number of abnormal white blood cells still can carry out some of the normal white blood cells functions. Symptoms occur in advanced stages when the number of abnormal white blood cells increases. Acute leukemia – this is a type of leukemia characterized by a rapid progression caused by an increased number of abnormal white blood cells. Acute leukemia can be fatal within weeks or months if not treated. Most cancers are staged on the I, II, III, and IV system which reflects the rate of tumour development and/or progression. However, the staging for leukemia is a little bit different. Because leukemia already involves all of the bone marrow in the body, and in many cases, has spread to other organs such as the liver, spleen, and lymph nodes, the staging of leukemia depends on other information that reflects the patient’s outlook for survival. Different staging systems are used for different types of chronic leukemia. Some types do not have any staging system. As you state that this has been diagnosed in a very early stage it is still not clear how affected your mother’s friend is. Most patients with early-stage chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) do not need any treatment when the disease is first diagnosed. These patients will live 10 to 15 years on average, and early treatment offers no advantage. Treatment should start when the patient either has an advanced form of the disease or has an intermediate stage with significant symptoms, very enlarged lymph nodes or a rapid increase in the lymphocyte count (doubling in less than 12 months). The most common treatment for CLL is the chemotherapy drug fludarabine. This is given intravenously (through an I.V.) five days a week once a month for four to six months. Although the schedule for fludarabine is rather inconvenient, it only causes modest side effects, such as fatigue. Most patients will have a good response to this treatment and remain in remission without further treatment for two to three years. Chlorambucil, an oral chemotherapy drug, may be used instead of fludarabine, especially for elderly or frail patients. This, of course, is just a “guestimate” and details should be obtained from the oncologist treating the patient.


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    Hope this helps
    matador 89

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