Mothers: have you ever passed a kidney stone before? Is the pain REALLY comparable to childbirth?

I have heard the claim many times that men could not POSSIBLY deal with the pain of childbirth like women can.

Maybe, maybe not. We will never know for certain because men cannot get pregnant like women can.

But men CAN get kidney stones like women can, which I have also heard is a similar order of pain to childbirth.

I am asking women who have experienced BOTH passing a kidney stone AND birthing a child to compare the two, as they relate to pain.

  1. jnh, 21 February, 2011

    I had my babies by c-section.
    Also had kidney stones and they WERE worse than my c-sections.

  2. Jess, 15 November, 2015

    Much more painful to pass a stone because it’s constant horrific pain where childbirth is pains that come and go and you push and stop and push and stop and you look forward to the birth and seeing your child . The stone is far worse because it’s never ending it seemed .

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