How do kidney stones get so large?

Are kidney stones attached to the tissue and then released? If so, is that the reason why they get so large?

  1. youpickana, 20 February, 2011

    What starts the whole process is too much of some substance ( most often calcium) being excreted through the kidneys. Stones start as a tiny crystal. It may "get stuck" in a portion of the kidney, but is not "attached" to it. As the urine flows past, it may be slowed down by the stone,and more crystals attach , and the stone "grows". ( have you ever put a string into a very thick sugar solution,and "grown" crystals? – Same principle.) This does not mean that you should not drink milk to prevent stones- the tendency toward stones is familial.
    The stone may move because the urine flow around it pushes it (think of an object in a stream). This movement may cause severe pain.
    Other complications occur if the stone does not move- it continues to get larger,and may totally block flow in some areas of the kidney, leading to infections, or possibly damaging the function of the kidney.

  2. Rosel@Miami Real Estate, 29 September, 2011

    Kidney stones form when the components of urine, fluid and various minerals and acids, are out of balance.

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