Treatment for kidney stones?

I have been suffering from this disease for the past 15 years and it seems that the stones are coming out but not getting over as they are reproduced weeks after weeks, I have tried allot of medicines from many doctors and now I am too tired of this disease, therefore I am here asking on what to do to get rid of the kidney stones???

  1. THE ARABIAN STALLION, 19 February, 2011


    You should drink a lot of water every day (including 4 glasses of water just as soon as u wake up and before u eat or drink anything else.).Drink parsley tea( boil some water to 100 celsius and then add it to some parsley and keep it in the mug for 10 minutes to infuse)…drink daily.

    Ofcourse if there are already big stones you should consult a Nephrologist / Urologist to get rid of them first.

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  2. Christopher Torsak, 19 February, 2011

    My personal experience and research has led to an understanding of the importance of eating foods that will strengthen the kidneys while avoiding foods that will weaken the kidneys and are more likely to provide the components more likely to lead to stone formation. Water for most seems to do the trick, but unfortunately for all is not an end-all. An approach to kidney health should be from different angles. I have approached it myself with diet, proper hydration, exercise, and acupuncture. The body is more likely to become balanced and stronger via a comprehensive holistic approach. You can read more about my experiences at my website.

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