PLEASE answer soon – Relapse several days into kidney infection treatment?

I am currently house sitting for my mom. Her cat Happy is at least 15 years old that I know of (got her as a stray). She has been Indoors ever since and has dealt with kidney problems several times. Last week she woke up and saw little spots of urine with blood in it and knew her problem was back so she took her to the vet. He gave her albon suspension to give 2 cc once daily and also crush up some vitamin C in her food. She’s taken the medicine and eaten her food every day since…but this morning I awoke to the tiny puddles of urine with blood in it again. I gave her the albon and some food but she hasn’t touched it and has barely drank any water today. A few hours ago she went up to my mom’s closest where it’s cool and she goes a lot and has been laying in there. I brought water up to her and keep checking on her but don’t know if she’s drank any. She’s alert in the face/head just not really moving her body much and purrs when I’m in there.

I’m afraid something bad is going to happen. My mom is out of town for business so I can’t get a hold of her right now…and I know that if I did she would just sit and worry until she comes home tomorrow. Happy is all she’s had since I moved out. Do you have any advice at all for me? Are there ever relapses within a treatment for kidney infections? I know people will say take her to the vet but I’m not even sure what he could do for her right now. I’ve been researching all morning on the internet and thought I’d try asking this community before I do anything.

The vet is my plan if she doesn’t get noticeably better in a couple hours. I just thought I’d try on here first. And she is on antibiotics.

  1. naps with cats, 19 February, 2011

    Yeah, boy – I wouldn’t wait any longer – your mom’s cat definitely needs to see the Vet. If there are kidney problems I’m wondering if your mom’s cat is receiving subcutaneous fluids?

    I would actually take her to the vet right now, honestly. Blood in the urine is serious and I’m guessing she is in desperate need of fluids to get some of that toxicity out from the kidney disease. I woudn’t wait any longer.

    JUST IF the vet recommends putting her down (and I’m sure you’ll agree), DON’T do it until your mom gets back. She needs to be with her beloved cat if it happens to be that time (not saying that it is, but if it is . . .)

    Blessings to your mother’s cat and to you for caring so much to come on here to look for suggestions. My personal recommendation is the vet – now – get that cat back to being comfortable again.

  2. petsearch_coventry, 19 February, 2011

    I think you need to do what your mum would want you to do and get her checked over by the vet. It might be an infection that will clear up well with some antibiotics or maybe a change in antibiotics. These infections can be hard to clear and hurt like hell which is why the cat has gone off to the closet.

  3. bridey, 19 February, 2011

    Just call the vet and report what is going on. Tell them who you are and that you are pet sitting. It will give you peace of mind as well as doing what is best for the elderly kitty.
    If she is on antibiotics , it may take up to 48 hours to kick in but you say it was last week. She may need a different antibiotic to kill the bacteria. She may be resistant to the drug she is currently using or the bacteria is different than before. I am not a vet so just give them a call Don’t wait 2 more hours.

    Kitty might be a little upset that your mom is gone too. Maybe that’s why she isn’t eating well

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