What would be the best kind of creatine and protein for me to take?

I’m 19, and about 199lbs. I just spent 3 months travelling in Thailand, where I lost about 25lbs (I’d say 75% fat, 25% muscle). I used to work-out quite a bit, then I slowed down, and when I left for Thailand, I stopped lifting all together (difficult to find gyms and what not). I did a lot of walking, hiking and running, and plenty of yoga. I’m looking now to keep improving my results. I’m not looking to just cut fat, and I’m not looking to just build muscle. I seek an equilibrium. I want to continue to build muscle (whole-body, not isolated areas like chest-only or arms-only), and I want to continue to burn unwanted fats.

I’m not looking to body build or model or anything like that. I just want to become stronger and more functional.

I used to take GNC’s AMP-line protein, but since it contains lactose I would find myself bloated. I understand that protein is vital in building a strong, healthy body, but I don’t want an additives-rich, multi-servings-required, advertised-to-sh*t kind of protein. I want to keep it as simple and natural as possible. Like one scoop, once a day, right after my work out. I just want enough protein to power and heal my body.

A friend of mine started taking creatine before I left (pairing it with protein powder). When I got back, seeing him for the first time in 3 months, I was shocked. He’s huuuuge. Muscular, that is. He’s never been larger than me, our body types are different (he’s leaner and longer, I’m more stocky and short). But his muscles are huge now, and even his abs seem to be getting in on it. I’m inspired by his results. I know that by building more muscle mass, your body will naturally require more energy. This improves unwanted-weight loss (like bad fats). He swears by his creatine, and so I’ve started some research..

As far as I understand, creatine is an energizer and a muscle-healer. But what I didn’t realize until today is how many kinds and forms of creatine there are. I’ve also heard some very bad things, but I can’t validate them since I haven’t tried it. I’ve discovered through research that after ending a creatine cycle, you will lose a large amount of your mass. I’ve also heard that alot of the mass actually comes from water absorbed into the muscles (through all the water you have to drink in order to protect your kidneys from kidney stones or something!). This makes them look nice and big, but maybe all talk and no walk.

I’ve heard that Purple K, a kre-alkaline, results in a lower mass-loss after ending a creatine cycle, requires no ‘loading phase’ (which, by the way, I do not understand), and will not result in any kidney damage or kidney stones.

Pretty much, I don’t want to just go and buy something, take it, and hope it will make me big. I believe in working hard and not cutting corners. Please answer this only if your answer refers to creatine or protein. I don’t want hydroxycut or any sh*t like that. Should I even bother with creatine? What do you guys recommend. Thanks for reading till the end!

  1. C. Mars, 18 February, 2011

    To be honest, you could likely do what you are describing with just a change in your diet. But if you want, I found the best creatine is Purple K and the best Protein is Myofusion.

    Dont forget your BCAA’s

  2. Aric *Don’t Hate the Truth*, 18 February, 2011

    The body created creatine naturally, so you don’t need too much. Whey Protein mix is fine it also has 25g of protein to use as a post workout drink and it has some creatine. Do not waste money on liquid creatine because it’s a scam, creatine get deluded in water.

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