treatment for kidney renal cyst (24mm) in size?

treatment for upper pole renal cyst in left kidney.. 24mm insize

  1. aWellWisher, 18 February, 2011

    If you have a small kidney cysts that isn’t causing you any problems, your physician will generally leave it alone, though she may follow up with additional scans in six to 12 months. But if you experience symptoms of a renal cortical cyst, your physician will probably send you to a urologist, who specializes in diagnosing and treating kidney problems.

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  2. Narendra Chauhan, 13 June, 2011

    I have a renal cyst, single, measuring 120mm, what is the cure, presently i have no symptoms and its normal except the size what should I do?
    Narendra Chauhan.

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