what's the treatment for a bad kidney infection?

I think I have a kidney infection (urinating blood,nausea,back pain,chills) and I was wondering what the doctor would do? Would I be in and out of the hospital? ( I can’t miss school) Would this be gone soon,it’s really bothersome.

  1. Laura F, 18 February, 2011

    Your first step would be to call your nurse or go to the doctor. I’m wondering if you possibly had a urinary tract infection and then it turned into a kidney infection? You need to drink a lot of fluids, but even better would be lots of water. It may be possible that you have a kidney stone as well. The doctor may have you hospitalized if it is really bad. I had a horrible UTI that turned into a kidney infection and the doctor gave me pills that relieve the pain when you pass uring (similar to the AZO pills)…they turn your urine reddish orange…and some antibiotics. If you seem to have reoccuring UTIs or kidney infections, you might want to think about having a cystoscopy. It is an easy procedure where a camera is threaded inside of the urethra (it’s numbed via numbing gel) and a camera looks to see if there are any tears or abnormalities in the bladder and/or kidneys. When in doubt, get it checked out! The longer you wait without any treatment, the worse it will get.

  2. Herbert, 18 February, 2011

    A tall glass of OJ

  3. joy, 18 February, 2011

    it really depends on how bad you are. Sometimes they give your antibiotics and send you on your way. If you wait too long it could be worse. so go to the Dr!

  4. imagine, 18 February, 2011

    You will probably just get some antibiotics and be sent home. Don’t wait any longer though, or you will end up being so sick that you have to stay in the hospital.

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