Is it illegal to trade a kidney for the elimination of kidney stones?

My dad has kidney stones, and he’s questioning whether or not it would be legal to ask a urologist if he could donate one of his kidneys in order for them to eliminate his kidney stones because we can’t afford anything right now, and he’s in a LOT of pain.

If illegal, do you have any suggestions for him to try so he can pass them?

Thank you 🙂

  1. Texas RN, 18 February, 2011

    OMG…that is totally illegal. If your dad cannot get the stones to pass on their own by drinking a lot of water to help flush them out, then he should go to a county hospital for assistance. Most county hospitals will be more than happy to set up a re-payment plan for as little as $25 a month for him to pay off his surgery. Taking drastic measures is life-threatening… Kidney stones are extremely painful. If your dad has been officially diagnosed (after having a CT scan) then he should take a copy of his medical diagnosis to the hospital and (1) get pain medications to allow him some assistance in passing the stone(s), or (2) get scheduled for surgery (it’s an out-patient procedure allowing him to come home the same day). Letting kidney stones go for too long can cause serious kidney damage… Please encourage your dad to seek medical assistance at your local county-run hospital asap. Best wishes! :0)

  2. James T, 18 February, 2011

    the transplant with cost hundreds of thousands … unless you have a private donor willing to pay

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