dose this sound crazy to you or am i onto something?

My health is terrible. i have pots syndrome bad. but let me go back in time and name my health problems in order. it gets confusing so try to keep up. alright. i was always in perfect health my whole life untill 3 years ago. i started to develop acid reflux. 6 moths later i started to develop costochondritis. some time after that osteoauthritis builds up in my chest and spreds to the shoulders. after that kidney stones start. after that pots syndrome starts to develop slowley. now in present day time i have pots so bad i cant even really move around my house. now after some reserch i learned. that acid reflux can cause costochondritis. the costo. can cause athritis. people with certail types of authritis can develop kidney stones as the body tries to filter out the calcium in the joints. and some types of authritis can be responsible for triggering pots syndrome. so call me crazy but i think my entire health problem can be blamed on acid reflux. it sees a little out thare yes but to me it makes perfect since. i eat way to much at one time and i keep snacking all day. ie at way more than i should in a day. and i cant work so i am poor. so the food i eat is all prepackaged junk. i think if i change my diet and invest in nothing but good healthy foods and no bad foods at all. over time i will get better. do you think i am right? or am i just nutz?

  1. xith, 17 February, 2011

    Eating healthier will help you yes. Going and seeing a doctor will help you too. If you don’t have medical insurance, goto your local department of human services, you will qualify for assistance. Also, you may want to consider applying for Social Security Disability Income (SSI) this will provide you with money to eat healthier foods.

    Medication will help you with almost all of your issues, so seeing a doctor (and if they dont help.) seeing lots of doctors. (Has a dietary change part, read it.)

    You can also google your other symptoms. It will have much needed information for you.

    Good luck.

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