PLEASE, Can anyone tell me if the "coke and asparagus cure" for kidney stones has worked for you?

I know I passed one yesterday and the doctor told me I should be getting better but the pain is still their so I think I have another one.I found this cure all over the internet to help me with anything but I would like to here from you guys.I’m in pain and this has never happened to me before.If not do you have anything to help.Your two sense are more than welcome.Thank you tons.

  1. Goodhealth Surfing, 17 February, 2011

    Soory, I dont know nothing about "coke and asparagus cure" for kidney stones.
    I’m sorry about your pain. I know only one effective method for treatment kidney stones problem without surgery.
    I think we can help you because we had many cases of successful treatment of it.
    At least you can try, it’s free of charge.
    Wish you good health

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