how much is the shock wave to disolve kidney stones?

i have a 6mm on my left kidney, i just want to know how much is it?

  1. Joe, 17 February, 2011

    Gonna be more then 1 if its 6mm.

    Word of advice, there are gonna be more of them, now and those little ones will grow.

    If you want to temporally fix it, then just do that one, if you want a permanent fix your gonna have to go to the doctor, find out what the stones are made of urine test or worst case scenario a biopsy and then have him prescribe a Diet low in the mineral that those stones are made of and meds to flush them Correctly.
    All in all a temporary fix will cost you about 2-4 weeks while the permanent solution will cost you up to 8 months of health interactions.

    My Personal advice ()
    Now a word from the experienced and educated, I love my beer, but I know that if I keep drinking the same beer over and over, I will develop Kidney stones, so what I do is get a different beer every time I get beer, past 10 years some of them in collage and not a single problem.
    I also keep my drinking down to the weekends and Change my eating habits regularly, never focusing on a single type of food source on a regular basis.
    Also, I personally don’t believe all these new ADHD diseases and all that mambo jumbo to get me buying all of these legal drugs, the only meds I will take is Ibuprofen unless its life threatening period.

    Healthy as an ex, drinking and smoking, my father to, at 60 he is as healthy and active s I am.

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