what do i do to stop my dog from eating out of my cat's litter box?

my dog is on a strict diet, a kidney stone prone maltese, but we keep finding her eating out of the litter box! what do we do? she has been getting very sick, and we need to keep her away from it! we need to cut off access from my dog to the litter box, while keeping access to the litter box for my cat? please help!
@ Bobbie L. uhh, yeah, it kind of does, if you would have read the whole question, she is a maltese/shi tzu mix. she is as small as my cat. they are .exactly the same size in fact. so i would leave your bad attitude in your pocket until someone who is actually offending you comes along, so how bout you dont use it all up on people who are actually seeking your help, an idea?

  1. Thanks, 17 February, 2011

    Also talk to your vet they might have some great ideas. You may be able to add in a supplement to your cats food that will make your dog not want to eat it. Many dogs even eat their own poop, and it is a serious problem. You could also try a litter box with a lid and a door cat can get in dog most likely won’t try or be able to.

  2. ladystang, 17 February, 2011

    baby gate
    put up higher
    lock out of room
    keep on leash by your side

  3. Nabiha, 17 February, 2011

    wel l you can like hide the litter box from your dog so and he wont know where it is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 nabiha

  4. Bobbie L, 17 February, 2011

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out a place for the cat box, where the dog can’t get to it.

  5. Donna Reed, 17 February, 2011

    Yeah. Put it on your kitchen table.

  6. Liam Smith, 17 February, 2011

    When a dog experience drastic changes in their environment, they may start an odd habit and in your dogs case is eating out of your cat’s litterbox. I would advice that you give your dog a basic and obedience training so you can easily teach it to eat in the right place and eventually even without your supervision.

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