I found out about three weeks ago that I have kidney stones.?

My back would really hurt off and on sometimes before I found out I had stones. What finally prompted me to go the to the dr was when my husband and I were jogging and my back started hurting so bad. I could barely walk back home and I thought I was going to get sick as my mouth started watering heavily. That night I was in so much pain so I went to the dr. the next day. After a CT scan I found out I have 3 larger stones in my left kidney and 2 smaller ones in my right kidney. There is one on my right side that my urologist said is high up and seems to be stuck in the lining. So I just keep going on and they just watch it to see if it moves lower but it never does. Anyway, my lower back hurts really bad almost all of the time. I am trying to keep up my activity level but I feel tired and just want to cry from he pain. My dr. prescribed me Flomax and pain reliever. Every time I go in he asks me about the pain and I tell him how badly my lower back hurts and where and now he is telling me that pain is not from my kidney stones but from some other issue. He says kidney stones only cause pain in the middle of the back. I just know my back really hurts and it is making it hard for me to function. I have read every little trick it seems. Drink apple juice, drink water, blah blah but apparently they aren’t dissolving. Maybe I should see a chiropracter? Or should I just find another urologist?

  1. Lethe, 17 February, 2011

    My mother suffers from recurrent issues with kidney stones. She said the pain was so great she thought she was dying, and the GP agreed that it is one of the most severe pains a person can experience through disease/illness.

    But they did nothing save tell her to drink a lot of water and take painkillers. I know that they can be broken up by sound, or sometimes have to be removed, and I assume your urologist is just waiting for them to move on their own. They don’t tend to operate unless the *have* to and it would seem your urologist does not want to go that route at the moment. Can you go to a different urologist? In the UK we see who we see, on the NHS.

    Perhaps you could try acupuncture, as that genuinely does seem to work for pain.

  2. ordinaryvoter, 17 February, 2011

    Kidney stones are caused by the build up of oxalate and calcium in your body. To reduce them, try drinking lemonade and eating pumpkin seeds. Studies have found that drinking lemonade and eating pumpkin seeds can not only reduce stones but they can also reduce the likelihood that the kidney stones will return in the future. In addition, you must cut way back on amount of protein you are eating. Protein simply encourages the build up of the mass of the stones.

  3. Manav Arora, 17 February, 2011

    well i havent read ur question fully, but never go for ct when ultrasound can detect stone.

    if size is less than 5 mm there is ayurvedic and homeopathic solution to this

  4. tod m, 17 February, 2011

    drink alot of water.
    check for diabetes.

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