Diet for preventing kidney stones ?

I had a few kidney stones about a year ago and I’d like to hear from other people who know about them or who have had them as well. What diet are you on to prevent you from getting them again ? What are some foods that are good for people prone to kidney stones ?

  1. Desmond, 17 February, 2011

    The following are a general list of things to do related to diet in order to avoid any renal calculus formation.
    Taken from "Renal lithiasis and nutrition" located at

    • Daily intake of a suitable liquid volume (minimum 2 L water/day)

    • Avoid strictly vegetarian diets

    • Avoid excessive animal protein diets

    • Avoid excessive salt (NaCl) consumption

    • Avoid excessive vitamin C and/or vitamin D consumption

    • Consume phytate-rich products (natural dietary bran, legumes and beans, whole cereals)

    • Avoid exposition to cytotoxic substances (i.e., analgesics abuse, residual pesticides, organic solvents and cytotoxic drugs)

  2. Stacie, 17 February, 2011

    make sure you always drink ALOT of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. pinar, 17 February, 2011

    you should consume lots of water, nearly 3 litres and a day…
    also i know people boiling water and putting persley or avocado leaves in it… it’s a kind of herbal tea

  4. Jannet Dismuke, 17 February, 2011

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