Is kidney transplant a treatment option for kidney stones?

Is a transplant ever an option for kidney stone treatment?

  1. Dave R, 17 February, 2011

    Never say never…Kidney transplantation is an abhorrent option for the treatment of almost all urinary calculi. It requires taking a multidrug immunosupressive (which put you at increased risk for cancer and infections) regimen and an incredibly risky surgery when less invasive procedures, dietary modification and is some cases medications can all adequately treat stones.

    But you used the magical word "ever" and there are almost always exceptions:
    Primary hyperoxaluria is a gentic defect in either alanine-glyoxylate aminotransferase or glyoxylate reductase/hydroxypyruvate reductase enzymes. This defect results in a high urinary excretion of oxalates and stone formation as well as renal failure. The treatment for this is renal transplantation (best if done with liver transplantation too). The transplant is technically to treat the renal failure or impending renal failure, but it also treats the stones.

  2. nochocolate, 17 February, 2011

    No,but here is a lot of information on treating kidney stones.

  3. Matt, 17 February, 2011

    No. Kidney stones are calcium build-ups in your urinary tract, not usually in your kidney. Only in extreme cases (which are very rare) can they build up in your kidney. Even then, they usually don’t have to replace the kidney.

  4. The mom, 17 February, 2011

    No. Kidney stones form because of either a metabolic problem or a lifestyle problem- not due to a failure of the kidneys really. The metabolic problems can be controlled with medications and diet changes, and the lifestyle problems are best addressed by drinking more liquid and going to the bathroom more frequently. A kidney transplant would simply provide you with a new kidney to tear up, it wouldn’t stop stones from forming again. The treatment for a kidney stone which is stuck requires surgery- but not removal of the kidney. The kidney itself is working fine, and there just isn’t a need to replace it. You need to address the reason the stones form to start with, not remove the part being affected.

  5. Brooke da Brooke, 17 February, 2011

    No. You either have them try to come out themselves or you would need the stones surgically removed,

  6. just friggen amazin, 17 February, 2011

    i don’t really know, but a better suggestion is that my great grandmother found that if you boil water and watermelon seeds and drink a full cup, it will stop them from occurring (so far) my great grandpa, grandpa, and dad had frequent kidney stones, and when they got tired of it, they made the "watermelon tea" and drank it…….. not one of them ever got a kidney stone again. im not sure if it will work with you, but i would certainly try it! oh, but by the way, it tastes and smells pretty bad.

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