Any kidney stone vets out there with advice?

I have a 5mm stone stuck in my ureter right above my bladder. Its been there for at least 3 months. I am trying flomax for seven days to see if it passes and will be scheduled for surgery if it doesnt. The surgery will be at least a month away because they are very backed up. I have tried to flush it out by increasing my fluid intake and it hasnt worked. Any ideas for me to try? I am miserable.. Also, has anyone had a stone removed surgically? What was the recovery like? Thanks in advance.

  1. ckm1956, 06 July, 2010

    I’ve had good luck with Flomax. One time, it worked in a week. Another took 2 months. Hopefully, yours will take a few days.

    You’re doing good with fluids. That’s about all you can do.

    As for the surgery, there are a couple of options. The first is lithotripsy. A machine is used to bombard the stone with ultrasound. The idea is that the stone breaks into smaller parts which can pass.

    The other is cystoscopy. The doctor passes a catheter up to the stone & blasts it with either ultrasound or a laser. Afterwards, a "stent" is left in to prop the ureter open so the stone/fragments can pass. The problem is that the stent itself is "uncomfortable". It’s removed in the office.

    Best of luck.

  2. True Religion, 17 July, 2010

    You’re doing good with fluids. That’s about all you can do.

  3. Private Math Tutor, 12 November, 2010

    I don’t think fluids will be enough but it can help.Recovering from a stone surgery is not that bad,actually it often have good prognosis.

  4. Per@TB-Guiden, 26 January, 2011

    If the stone is bigger Flomax might not be enough and you would need to go “under the knife”. Surgery for this is common and there is no need to worry. Not unless if you are in a very backward, 3rd-world hospital with no proper equipment and the doctors lack training and experience.
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  5. 30 days, 24 May, 2011

    Surgery is for shore a common thing. Although if it is not necessary you should try to not do it and use all other available methods possible.

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