3mm kidney stone, how long does it take to pass?

i was diagnosed with a 3mm kidney stone in my right kidney just over 4 weeks ago. I don’t recall passing it but haven’t had any pain until today. I have a small niggling pain in my right kidney that’s annoying but not too bad that i need painkillers. Is it quite likely that i’ve passed it already and this is just a bit of residual pain? I have drunk a lot of water today so would that maybe be the cause of the pain?

  1. Barb M, 06 July, 2010

    Simply having a kidney stone in the kidney will not cause pain (blood in the urine perhaps and even infection in some instances). Pain is caused when the stone blocks passage of urine from the kidney to the bladder through the ureter. If you have been drinking a lot of fluids (and you should be drinking at LEAST 100 ounces per day when you have a stone – more when trying to pass a stone – 2 liters) then the stone could be moving. Keep drinking the water. A 3 mm stone should pass on it’s own. If you need the pain pills, take them. Otherwise you could take tylenol or Advil or your favorite over the counter pain reliever. If the pain becomes severe, is not lessened with pain medication, you start running a fever, or have nausea and vomiting, you should see your doctor.

  2. Band Heaters, 21 July, 2010

    3mm is a nice size for a newbie. You may not even feel it coming out – maybe a little. Drink fluids until there is no tomorrow BUT make sure those fluids are not cranberry juice, soda, tea or coffee.
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  3. NBA Tickets, 03 November, 2010

    Doctors can break up large stones with shock wave treatments, and then you’ll pass the fragments of your stone. They can also insert a stent to hold your ureter open, which will help stones pass through more quickly. You may need keyhole surgery, or conventional surgery with an abdominal incision, depending on where your stone is stuck.

  4. pilates classes los angeles, 17 November, 2010

    I think it all depends on when your body wants to pass it. Just be glad you only have one! I have a friend that had 17 and he is still passing them every couple of months!

  5. Electric Water Heaters UK, 04 January, 2011

    Unless a kidney stone is especially large (usually more than about 6mm), doctors usually recommend you let it pass on its own – in other words, let it come out with your flow of urine. May be it won’t pass yet in your case. The stone Is most likely passing through the ureter which is only 3mm in diameter, and they stretch the wall and ureter and the renal pelvis these muscles respond by spasming in an attempt to push the kidney stone out. This stretching and spasming is what causes the sometimes excruciating pain associated with a kidney stone. So your worst pain could be coming, I think! See if your doctor can locate where it now resides (in the bladder) or if you have anymore. Also, drink lots of water and filter your urine to find the stone. It is important to know the type of stone

  6. Jennifer Hancock, 17 January, 2011

    You should contact a urologist reguarding the position of the stone and if there are multiple stones. If the doctor thinks the stone is harmfull to you or impassible, he might want to use the shock treatments, lithotripsy (the claw) or a stent (a rubber tubing that enlarges the ureter to help passing) My husband had stones when he was 18, then at 38 he started having them again… He went to the ER to find out he had HUNDREDS of them. 2 years later and 12 procedures later, his DR removed his kidney. He had been passing stones every few months and the kidney wasn’t working more then 15%
    capacity. Do drink plenty of water (no caffine soda, coffee or tea) You will hurt more if you don’t drink. And if the pain gets to be too much, the ER does have some Wonderful pain medicine (and muscle relaxers).

  7. David, 20 November, 2014

    I just passed a 3mm kidney stone. Passing it was not painful. Having it find its way out was extremely painful! The whole process took about three days from when it hit me (like a ton of bricks).

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