Is medical marijuana legal in Ct? Does celiac sprue qualify, being so painful and deadly?

In the medical field, especial in Ct., it is unusually difficult to be diagnosed for food allergens. Having already graduated med school, many physicians feel that they don’t need to re-educate. This is the sole reason I was left undiagnosed in thee longest recorded survived sprue, without diagnosis. While doing this I held a career in the soft field of drywall taping. The pains emanated by the sprue exceed that of passing kidney stones. I know. I was in full sprue for 22 years undiagnosed. I had every indicator and have all the records of the actual proof of sprue going back 5 years.Until last year, when an unexplained recurrence, barley devastated me financially to actually fight my way through the very simple diagnosis. Even the head of yale said he didn’t think me to be a celiac. I even fought there to have the simple blood test of the HLA DQ2 and the HLA DQ8 genetic modifier test. They even lost 2 of my 2 week times blood test. I went to a local hospital my wife worked in conjunction with, and the first time out and the first time back, my answer I had already knew was there. I was HLA DQ8 postive. The more active of the 2 modifiers in the New York area. This long term sprue left me with painful nerve damage that even the local doctors continue to deny it’s existence. They all seem to furious to even learn the things right in front of their faces. I am continuing to do drywall thanks to my own volitions. I have found the cures to the disease my own doctors almost refuse to acknowledge. I have heard med maryjane help pain and mood swing. Is this true and does high pain qualify me with my malfunction? California and even universities know of my disconfort.Do you think our government so kind is to allow the fibromialgia suffering drywaller a mean to help him make it through the day? Is the only means of relief through addictive pain medicines and mind shrinking antidepressents? Or is Montel Williams an American , where I am not?

  1. Anama, 05 July, 2010

    I also have celiac. I also dignosed myself with the help of my husband.
    Are you on a gluten free diet? I do not know how you got the information that you are the longest survivor because many people are not dignosed until well into their 70’s.
    Anyway, it sounds like you need to get yourself to a celiac center go here:

    here is a list of dieticians that specialize in celiac:

    Here is another celiac center relatively close to you:

    You need to get to a center to help you with your issues.

    from what I understand in Conneticut, medical Marijuana is still illegal due to the Gov’s. veto. If you really want to change this, get involved in this political issue.No one on yahoo can change the law for you personally.
    Montel WIllians has done what he can for the cause. You need to not make statements like that, go here:

    I do hope that you feel better soon, but please get yourself to a celiac center as soon as possible.

  2. Grogan Girl, 05 July, 2010

    I know someone who has Celiac Disease, and they legally smoke Marijuana. It is prescribed to them, and has helped them out a great deal.
    I live in Canada though. So I am not sure about the laws in the USA regarding Marijuana.
    I would look into it.

  3. medical instrument, 17 December, 2010

    This is true, if you have Celiac Disease you can legally smoke marijuana.

  4. Dave @ electrosurgery equipment, 12 January, 2011

    I think all physicians should go back to school every 5 years just to keep on top of the changing field. That is unacceptable that you went undiagnosed just because of the doctor’s ignorance.

  5. Niko, 31 January, 2011

    I guess you could consider it as alternative medicine. There are doctors who will help you if you don’t want to take the normal medicine. They specialize in it. Also check out some of the forums to find help.

  6. John Hillis@Personal injury attorneys, 31 January, 2011

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