Denied kidney transplant because of mental problem. Need a lawyer please.?

Hi, My brother has schizophrenia and in kidney failure for 3 years now. Doctors have refused to put him on kidney transplant list saying. He will not take care of his new kidney.For reasons that he walks out of treatment at times and refuses to be treated. He also has seizures, which makes him confused. Just the other day he had several while at hospital and got up and walked out of the hospital. They just allowed him to, he fell out in the lobby. throwing up blood and all. They only talked about him being hard to deal with. I say to them he is confused seizures do that to you. dum a people. Anyway, this is out of control I need help getting him on that list. And seek damages to for my families mental distress of knowing my brother will soon die because they are refusing to add him to list. I am sure that he will die sooner than if given this chance of a new kidney. Who knows if given a new kidney he may live a long normal life. Any Lawyers reading this and willing to take on a lawsuit please contact my family. We live in Arkansas, the hospital treating him at this time is Jefferson Regional Medical Center. I feel like this is how hitler got rid of the poor people, kill off the weaker. Let the stronger live, I thought all men are suppose to be equal and have equal rights here in the USA. So that would mean he has right to be on that list.

  1. indiechick, 05 July, 2010

    I don’t know that you would have much of a case. I used to be a transplant nurse and there were several patients who didn’t take care of themselves and refuse treatment and they lose their kidneys very quickly. I’m sorry to tell you that. I wish things were different, but I think you will be wasting your money hiring a lawyer.

    By the way, has he been tested for celiac disease? It has been linked to all those things you mentioned (kidney failure, seizures, schizophrenia). I would look into this. If he tested positive for this, he could get treatment and get himself to a place where he would be able to care for himself and his new kidney. I think this is your best bet.

  2. Allison, 05 July, 2010

    I received a kidney and pancreas 4 years ago.

    I always went to dialysis, never skipped a treatment, stayed on my renal diet, and took my medication. I was told later that if patients DON’T do that, they cannot be put on the active transplant list, or can be removed from the list. It has nothing to do with schizophrenia.

    Since people refuse to be organ donors (I guess they just like to let their organs rot in the grave), there are not enough organs, and therefore the transplant team must be careful regarding who gets them. A patient who’s already proved he can’t or won’t be compliant w/ treatment is not a candidate for transplant. People who drink alcohol & won’t stop can’t get liver transplants, for example

    If your brother would be willing to be treated and get his problems resolved, and go to dialysis, he could possibly be considered then for transplant. I know you want him to get a transplant, so I hope he will start taking dialysis as required.

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