Symptoms Of Kidney Stones Versus Kidney Infections?

how do you know the difference between kidney stones and kidney infections? and what are the symptoms?

  1. laissesfaire, 05 July, 2010

    It’s often-times very difficult to tell the difference between kidney stones and kidney infections! They share many of the same symptoms and can sometimes occur simultaneously (I think kidney stones can actually be a factor in having repeated kidney infections, for example when the kidney stone is blocking the insides of the kidney(s)), I think so. A big difference would obviously be in the case of passing a kidney stone in the urine, in which case this symptom doesn’t, you know, occur in kidney infections as far as I know!~

    Ultimately it’s best to go to a doctor to get tests run to see which one of these it is, if it is one of these at all. I’m currently fighting a kidney infection that has been going on for months now and hasn’t been responding really well at all to any antibiotics that I have been taking, so we’re trying to see if it’s even a kidney infection–, I don’t think there’s any one way to say ‘oh, you have these symptoms, and not these, so it must be this and not this’, and instead the tests should always be run just to make sure, I think so! Some tests for this that I have taken are kidney (and bladder) ultrasound, twenty-four-hour urine analysis, urine sample analysis, etc., but I’m sure that there are some others, there, too, to take for this.

    The symptoms of kidney infections and kidney stones vary, I think, and sometimes you might not have many symptoms at all (particularly children don’t have many, I think!), but it can range from the mild to the severe for any amount of cases. Some of the symptoms are something like these: pain on urination, blood in your urine, proteins in your urine (which will usually show-up in a test for it all), an overall feeling of being unwell (like malaise?), and pain on your back, usually at your flanks, beneath your ribcage (most often on one-side, for both kidney stones and kidney infections, but you can quite easily have both of your kidneys affected by either one of these conditions that you’ve listed).

    In more severe cases, nausea, vomiting, fever, and severe back pain, etc., among many other things, can occur, and in this case you should always call your doctor again. In the elderly, confusion can also occur, I hear!

    Both conditions, I think, can cause damage to the kidneys, and kidney infections can definitely cause permanent or temporary damage, I think so, scarring, and sepsis, and damage to your kidneys can lead to kidney disease and kidney failure, and can also leave you open to more conditions or to worsening of your same conditions if you don’t get treatment and take very good care of yourself, so please do so!

    If you think that something’s wrong, please do always, always, always see your doctor and if your symptoms are very bad, and you think that it’s bad, and you don’t feel very good at all, then please don’t hesitate to get emergency care or something like this because your kidneys are lovely and wonderful and amazing and you need them very much. <3

    I hope that this helped you at least a little bit!~

  2. True Religion, 17 July, 2010

    In the elderly, confusion can also occur, I hear!

  3. David Sparks, 17 August, 2010

    Try apple cider vinegar…I tried some this morning after 2 and a half weeks of pain so intense that I thought I had a sciatic nerve pinched…I tried all kinds of things cranberry juice, water, grapefruit juice,thumb in the area of the kidney(which stopped the pain temporarily)(thats what told me I had an infection)to the point of drugs Morphene too…no good…well I tried apple cider vinegar this morning and BAM (Emeril) pain subsided to the point that I think I got it on the run!!! Man what a difference…my kidney is still sore but the pain is really subsided…it was hard to walk. Now i feel really good…Good LUCK “Sparky”

  4. hele, 30 September, 2010

    I have just had lithotripsy and am waiting for the stone to break up (hopefully) so that I can pass the fragments. So far, nothing except lots of pain. I am taking diclofenac sodium 50mg tabs 3 times a day, ciprofloxacin 250mg tabs 2 times a day and tamsulosin 400 microgram m/r capsules – 1 in the morning. The lithotripsty was very painful despite being given pain relief prior to treatment. Please God that I do not have to go back for a further dose

  5. Mark@Log Cabins in Scotland, 18 January, 2011

    Water and hydration is the key to many problems the bosy encounters. Drink plenty of it and keep well hydrated.
    .-= Mark@Log Cabins in Scotland´s last blog ..Wigtownshire =-.

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