Have a 16 yr old poodle with kidney stone.. looking for advise?

my 16 yr old toy poodle has a kidney stone (suspected) he has had one before(passed it), and symptoms same this time. Vet wants to X-Ray for confirmation and if so they say surgery is the recommendation but in the same breath, say his expectancy of living through a surgery at his age is not 100% and if he makes it his health might deteriorate leaving me to put him down anyway.

They gave me several options:

1. have the x-ray and surgery pay roughly 0 and get my dog for however much longer he lives

2. Have the x-ray and surgery, his health deteriorates due to stress of recovery and have to put him to sleep pay roughly 0

3. Be happy for the 16 years we shared and put him to sleep pay roughly 0

They were not rude, simply gave me the facts. But I walked out of there feeling like they were tying to convince me to put him to sleep…

Has anyone had success with out surgery trying alternative means to help? I am not finding much online other than diet change which I am not sure will effect him since he already has it…the vet says at his age diet change may just upset his system…

We are on day 2 they have Monday morning reserved for us be it surgery or to lay him down I am just looking for any advise it is appreciated…sorry so long
Rainbow: I know, I respect and welcome anyone’s opinion as a fellow pet lover on the matter, however, I am hoping to find someone who has an alternative method maybe their vet used or if someone had an older dog like mine do well…

In the end, I will do what is best for him, even if it is not whats best for me…
A- you suspect right, his health otherwise is fine…well, he has accidents a lot but the vet said that is his old age nothing to be concerned with…he is deaf as can be and half blind but I am sure when I am as old as he I will be too…so I don’t feel like I should give up and don’t feel right have a surgery that could kill him…

The pain killer idea is actually great, that never crossed my mind, I will contact my vet and see what she says..it couldn’t hurt to try..as long as he isn’t suffering I will try anything.

  1. Rainbow Child, 04 July, 2010

    No one can make this decision for you..

  2. mauveme49, 04 July, 2010

    You can’t be sure he will not have a recurrence of the stones.. I would go for option 3. Surgery can be very taxing on an older dog. He may not make it anyway. It’s a tough decision.

  3. Toby Sangster, 04 July, 2010

    option 4 put a bullet in his head its a better way to go ………. ide rather do it than have a total stranger do it but good luck anyway message me back with ur answer

  4. A, 04 July, 2010

    I suspect you really don’t want to put him down, but you don’t want him to suffer either. in many ways, we pet owners feel like these guys are our children, and they kinda are. If this was your child – what would you do. You can always get more money or juggle your credit cards – but you can’t take back decisions that you will regret for the rest of your life. Don’t listen to what anyone tells you to do – think of what your poodle would want you to do. If he acts like he wants a few more good years with you – then make that happen; if he’s too tired and can’t take any more – that’s another route. Personally i would suggest you do what we did when my kitty was dying of cancer – get the vet to prescribe pain killers for your poodle. This may make the passing of the stone that much less difficult on his system, without costing you too much. Kinda win-win.

  5. Thwarted, 04 July, 2010

    this is what I would do get the x-ray see how big the stone is, there is prescription food that can dissolve smaller crystals, there is no alternative treatment that I am aware of. Also if you have not had blood work done checking on overall health and organ function it may give you a better idea of how surgery can turn out.

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