Im scared Kidney Stones help?

Im 14 year old male, and i know i got a long way to go until i may get kidney stones but i am FREAKED OUT. I have some questions about them. If you catch them early, can they removed painless or with a lot less pain? If i have a routine check up, like once every 6 months or every year to check for kidney stones, is that an effective way to catch them early? I didnt have a too hot diet growin up but im now starting on strictly water diet and a lot of it please answer.

  1. Bassnectar, 04 July, 2010

    i got a kidney stone when i was 16.
    you cant catch them earley. the way you find out you have them is by getting pain in your kidney and you just have to deal with it until you pass them. if its to big to pass than you have to get a stent put in witch they told me hurts even more and you cant move. they also told me the best thing to provent me from getting another one is to drink lemon aid.

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