Dad has kidney stones I have a question…?

hey guys I just got a call from my mom and my dad got placed in the hospital today on fathers day..and he has kidney waiting for my sister to get in so we can drive to the hospital to see him.. I would like to know what are some better things for him to drink.. my dad drinks alot of diet drinks which are bad and ive told him over and over he shouldnt be drinking diet sodas.. but what else can he drink or eat that would possibly prevent this from happening again so i can run to the store and pick him up some things when he gets released from the hospital?

  1. Victor, 04 July, 2010

    There are good things at the health food store for improving kidney function and someone there can help you.

    Also, fresh squeezed lemon and apple juice can help soften stones naturally and flush them out.

  2. Rawr!, 04 July, 2010


  3. Jessica, 04 July, 2010

    He should try to drink more water. Mostly water. Lemonade wouldn’t hurt. My uncle had a kidney stone, and he had to drink beer to help it pass. But water is something he should drink.

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