Have you ever had KIDNEY STONES? What treatment was used to remove your KIDNEY STONES?

* How did the kidney stones get out of your body?
– Let the kidney stones pass on your their own with no medical help?
– Surgical procedure?
– Shock wave?
– Other?

* Have you had kidney stones more then once?
* I have never had kindey stones.

  1. Gail M, 04 July, 2010

    Yes. The pain was so bad I could barely breathe. The hospital gave me a painkiller and I stayed there until I had passed it. It hurts because it’s passing through your urethra, which is very narrow. Ultrasound can sometimes dissolve kidney stones. Mine was too small – but, man, it felt like a bloody boulder.

  2. Mantastic Travis™ Milk Break!, 04 July, 2010

    Your Questions Creep Me Out!

  3. swamprat, 04 July, 2010

    yes I have, and they are NOT fun. they eventually passed on their own

  4. Riley, 04 July, 2010

    my dad had KIDNEY STONES.
    you should seriously see your doctor, those things are excrutiating so i’ve heard.

  5. kidney stones treatment, 05 July, 2010

    Yes I have it when I was 20 years old. I undergone operations to remove it.

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