No More Kidney Stones! (5/14/10 – 102)

My 1000 subscriber song is ready to roll!! Look out for that in the next day or two =) And here is Jonny’s channel: And thank you Josh for correcting me, here is his channel if you guys would like to check him out: Other than that, I show you some cool flame/fire/light photography that I’ve experimented with, as well as Jonny’s design that I made for him. Oh yeah, no more kidney stones!! (for now…) Love you guys. Thanks for watching, check out these cool links below =) 2nd Channel – Alice’s YouTube – Website Twitter http Facebook Myspace

  1. ddrusa, 15 May, 2010

    awesome bro im glad you ok now 🙂

  2. MikelangeloTheGreat, 15 May, 2010

    wow man your reall close! its 977 when i just checked!! wooo
    glad your kidney stones are gone!!
    haha no way i’d never noticed that before on the fed ex sign!!!
    awesome vlog!!

  3. peacefulshades, 15 May, 2010

    the flame photography is pretty sweet!

  4. RobtrixVlogs, 15 May, 2010

    Glad to see your doing better. Kidney stones Suck!

  5. Tintamar5678, 15 May, 2010

    lol “Five OH!” Its funny how thats like a Universal statement across the whole country when you see a cop! 5.0

  6. Bluemula, 15 May, 2010

    yay im so glad you rdoing better keep up the awesome work you rule 🙂

  7. shootinstar1786, 15 May, 2010

    Glad you’re feeling better and that the kidney stones are gone!! Can’t wait to hear the song soon!! 🙂

  8. andysom25, 15 May, 2010

    yay for no more Kidney stones so glad you have gotten better!!! 😀
    loved the shutter photography stuff!! 😀
    and I can’t wait for the 1000th subsciber song/video!!
    good vid man glad you are doing better!

  9. AcademyArtVenture, 15 May, 2010

    Cool man, thanks so much for the comment!!

  10. AcademyArtVenture, 15 May, 2010

    hahaha yeah man I just figured I wouldn’t edit that out to see if anyone knew what it meant, that’s so cool! Yeah for some reason, I always say it when I see a cop lol

  11. AcademyArtVenture, 15 May, 2010

    Thanks so much Andy!
    I’m glad I’m feelin better too

  12. AcademyArtVenture, 15 May, 2010

    Thanks Kristen! =)

  13. JonnyFlood360, 15 May, 2010

    Thank you so much for the fire art and for the shout out in your vlog.. that was really cool man.. I love the design

  14. Saairah91, 15 May, 2010

    those flame fire light photography thingy’s r soooooo cooooooool i luv them
    it would look canny cool fitted into a backgroud design if u get me, anyways im so glad ur kidney stones r gone yay! for u =)

  15. devonrealdeal, 15 May, 2010

    i cant wait to here the song, and the flame pictures were cool

  16. LizzyChan101, 16 May, 2010

    XD SOOOOOOoooo glad you’re feeling better!! Wow, lemon water, eh? I can’t have citrus stuff…… really makes my teeth hurt…. T-T

  17. jval101, 16 May, 2010

    glad your better bro

  18. jval101, 16 May, 2010

    @jval101 and thanks for the shout out always glad to help


    LOL @ “5 – O!” Glad your kidney stones are gone! YAY! Oh wow, I’d like to try that flame photography! How do you do that?

  20. Letitia Kalchthaler, 17 May, 2012

    Thx for information.

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