Urine (Kidney Stone) Filter left on my lawn

A couple of things occurred today while I was mowing the lawn. First of all, a white van drove slowly by my house, and the occupant looked very intently towards me while I was standing by the garage. Second of all, when I finished up mowing the lawn, I found this medical filter by my garage. This filter is used for straining urine for kidney stones. It’s the same brand which we use where I work!! [A very subtle hint that there are also dupes where I work and are in on this game.] When I went to empty the grass clippings at the dump, that same white van was sitting one block away from me with his parking lights on. When I returned from the dump, the same white van moved up to the corner of the block. As I drove by him he followed me; however, I drove down the alley behind my house. Of course, I got his license plate number and quickly wrote it down. I gave this number to the police [my 2nd filing this week] along with the license number of that blue car 1 & 1/2 block from my house on Saturday with her lights on. I also informed the police officer of the numerous cars parking for 5 minutes everyday in front of my house before I go to work.. The officer stated that his report will be attached to my initial report (complaint). So, records are being documented…

  1. GSwatchdog, 19 May, 2010

    Isnt that a Hazarodus material thing? Report it to the HAZMAT team.

  2. GSwatchdog, 20 May, 2010

    Again… .. put this thing in a ziplock bag and if the police won’t take it.. Tag it, label it and throw it in the freezer.

  3. stalkedingrandforks, 30 May, 2010

    Please keep in mind that this systemic activity of gang stalking and harassment [psychological, physical, electronically] is a spiritual battle and actually run by Satanists. A lot of their recruits come from churches and are “fake” Christians. Anyone [at any level] participating in this hate crime and touches one of GOD’s own (chosen and meek) will be sorely punished. The perpetrators (perps) reading this will scoff and mock this; however, GOD will not be mocked…

  4. stalkedingrandforks, 02 June, 2010

    In regards to my statement(s) about the “fake Christians,” JESUS referred to them as the “lukewarm” in Revelations chapter 3 verses 15 & 16: They “talk-the-talk” but they don’t “walk-the-walk” in HIS “Way.” Thus, anyone connected to this system of gang stalking in any shape, way or form is actually serving the dark side. Especially the perpetrators!!!

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