Why do I get physically sick when I am unhappy?

I am 23 years old and miserable! Whenever I am unhappy I become physically ill and my weird illnesses seem to better or worsen in direct correlation with my unhappiness/depression. There has been a wide range of ailments ranging from the common cold to kidney infections. The longer I’m unhappy, the worse they get or the more things I get. Things that should require ongoing medical treatment like growths or large cysts seem to vanish miraculously after a short time of me being happy. Its maddening! Even my doctor acknowledges it. What is this and why is it happening to me?

  1. Jade, 29 May, 2010

    i dont really no the answer but some of it may depend on stress. If you are stressed, your body is releasing cortizol. If your stressed for a long period of time (as you ave suggested u have been unhappy for a long amount of time this could be causing u minute stress because all u want to do is be happy!), your body continues to release this cortisol. This prolonged corticol releasing actually WEAKENS your immune systems and immune system responses slow down.
    Although this isnt a cure for it, you may want to start trying some relaxtion techiniques to release a bit of stress,.
    if ur not stressed, this ignore this all together lol!

  2. quest, 29 May, 2010

    Sounds like you’re allergic to life, you poor thing!
    Where thought goes – energy flows, so lots of positive thinking and a good dose of Louise Hay’s affirmations will help.
    Fresh air and sunshine, exercise and diet all play a major role, but I’m sure you’ve already been told that.
    Otherwise a psychiatrist may help. Mine does.

    Best of luck, and sending you positive vibes.

  3. Denisse, 29 May, 2010

    i hear you. although i havent had any cytsts, my mood does affect my health. i started to notice this when i was first hit with depression and anxiety. i get chills a lot, and nausea and head aches. i’ve found different things that help to soothe me out of it though. and i agree that a positive attitude always helps. what helped me out of depression was finding God. now i feel at peace. may God bless you. (also sending you positive vibes!)

  4. Ann@PT, 12 November, 2010

    Stress triggers body response. Everything is related. As I am no professional, I experience this myself. You have to find a way to keep yourself mentally stable- cos it can get ugly

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