Pain Pain Go Away (5/20/10 – 108)

I forgot to take a vicodin, and was in pain all day… anyway, x-rays tomorrow, wish me luck. Thanks for watching, check out these cool links below =) 2nd Channel – Alice’s YouTube – Website Twitter http Facebook Myspace

  1. ddrusa, 21 May, 2010

    ya get out of my friend you pain 🙂

  2. ddrusa, 21 May, 2010

    comment me back bro 🙁

  3. devonrealdeal, 21 May, 2010

    i want to go to flashpoint academy in chicago, its a film school, same price, for two years and four years

  4. devonrealdeal, 21 May, 2010

    @devonrealdeal but i hope you dont have to go through surgery

  5. andysom25, 21 May, 2010

    good luck with the classes man! 😀
    I’m excited to see how it goes for you!
    sorry about classes not transferring thats a bummer 🙁
    omg you are going to be here for 4 years 🙂 WOOT! haha
    once again hope the pain goes away ASAP!
    good luck with the doctors appointment man! I wish you the best!

  6. MikelangeloTheGreat, 21 May, 2010

    wow your classes next year sound awesome!
    good luck with your x rays!! really hope everything is going to be ok!!

  7. Tintamar5678, 21 May, 2010

    Those classes sound cool as hell except for the writing one eww lol. Cool ring..
    I would like to take some photoshop classes. I love playing around with photoshop and graphics programs. I like playing with Flash too, man I’m on a wrong career path.. haha
    Hope that stone passes quick, shit hurts.

  8. BuffAngela158, 21 May, 2010

    That’s awesome…go for the four years Man you can do it! It’s harder to go back to school once your out…trust me! Get it done now while you have the time and the money. Fingers crossed for your x-rays! 😀

  9. juriaan13, 21 May, 2010

    Sounds like a good set of plans. I took art history as well as printmaking. Both very fun. The four is about a must now a days. I went to art school for 6 years to get my degree. And it pays off. Galleries and a lot of companies do not hire anybody who has either a “simpel” 2 year degree and no expierence.Sad but true…so get as much school in now AND document and date and sign your works now, even school work!

  10. danmac2760, 21 May, 2010

    WOW look at all those Pills. You need to go see DR Roberts lol lol You know from the Beatles song, ” GO see Mr Robert he will make you better and take all you pain away Dr Roberts” LOLLOL but He was in New York so that be a far trip to take. Sorry to here that you are in pain take it easy buddy and Keep on painting. Oh the bad thing about oils is they take a very long time to dry about a mouth and up to one year to harding fully.

  11. juliaormond, 22 May, 2010

    I hated printmaking!

  12. coolvidzdude, 22 May, 2010

    No waiving classes. They want as much $ out of you as possible. lol

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