What is the purpose of a CAT Scan to check for kidney stones?

I may have a kidney stone, and I do have a history of kidney stones for the past 15 years. I did have lithroipsy treatments, which is shock wave, (or better known as ESWL) in 1996, 1999, 2002, and in 2003, which blasts the stone in to sand. The urogolist who used to do my care for my kidney stones (he retired 2 in a half years ago)would get X-Rays, for KUB, which will check my kidneys, and finds out whether or not I have a stone or not, and it shows a small shadow where the stone is. The doctor, who took his place would like me to have a CAT scan, and before the procedure, I have to drink this awful tasting medicine, which coats my stomach, and highlights my kidneys or something, and I never had a CAT scan done before, I am not scared, but curious why I need a CAT scan, what’s the difference between a CAT scan and a plain X-Ray? I like to know.

Honest answers please, negative answers will be deleted and reported.

  1. Kevin M, 29 May, 2010

    A cat scan is usually used for this type of thing because the results of the scan are more noticable than a ct scan or a regular xray.

    It also gives the doctor a clearer understanding of what might be going on.

    The medicine that is usually given is a special dye type substance that does make your kidneys (or what ever is being scanned) makes it easier for the doctor to get better results and to decide what should happen next.

  2. dostonem33, 29 May, 2010

    Frankly it’s all abou t money.

  3. TheLamb, 29 May, 2010

    A CT scan gives a better and more detailed image of any body part tham a standard x-ray does, so it’s better for detecting things like kidney stones. It also minimized the amount of radiation the patient is exposed to, so if you’ve had many xrays in the past for your stones, your new doctor may be trying to avoid more radiation.
    The contrast dye doesn’t taste as bad as some people say…it’s really just a cup of water with some dye in it. If you really hate it, you can ask the tech if it’s ok to put some Crystal Light or something in it.

  4. RadTech – RT(R)(ARRT), 29 May, 2010

    Actually TheLamb, a renal stone protocol CT should be WITHOUT oral contrast. And it’s more radiation than a KUB.

  5. UVOS-wisdom teeth removal @ wisdom teeth removal Provo, 14 December, 2010

    You should consult another doctor before you go with the CAT scan. Make sure it is absolutely necessary before they make you pay for the CAT scan.

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