Can a cat who is sick go from alert to dying within hours?

Maybe someone can help. My cat was being treated at the vet for an emergency kidney issue. I was told the cat could respond to treatment and perk up or the cat could possibly die. But was told outlook was good. Cat was alert, fine for 2 days i saw her, 3rd day she was in dying process and did die. Was told she was alert in the morning and then deterioraited.

Just wondering if this sounds right or anyone experience this? its very distressing and i feel guilty.

  1. Ed <3, 29 May, 2010

    Don’t ever feel guilty for the loss of an animal. It’s often very hard to tell when they’re sick until it’s serious. I was very fortunate to catch my 13 year old cat early in his UTI, but he took weeks to recover. However, my aunt’s kitten died within a day from a kidney issue. It is different in every cat, and some don’t have the strength. You did right by taking her to the vet and you did all you could, it was her time is all, but she is resting better now.
    There is a poem called Rainbow Bridge that helps me when I think of my losses.

  2. Ocimom, 29 May, 2010

    Yes, unfortunately we lost our first Ocicat (he was only 3 yrs old) due to complications of a UTI. We treated that fine and he was peeing, but 2 days after coming home – he just went downhill really fast and had two seizures and was gone. Talking to some other breeders, they think he might have had an underlying kidney or liver problem that the stress trigger it and he passed away quickly.

    I’m sorry for your loss. We went thru the same thing – seemed better one day and gone the next.

  3. Elaine M, 29 May, 2010

    Kidney issues, turning bad, can kill a cat in under 12 hours, it’s called renal failure. Yes, it is entirely possible. Once the organs shut down, there’s nothing a vet can do to restart it.

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