My mom had left kidney removed 5 mo ago due to cancer. Now it’s in the other kidney. On the outside.treatmen?

I am wondering if it is safer being on the outside of the kidney? Her left kidney that was removed the cancer was on the inside. What treatments may be offered? She will see her oncologist on Tuesday and by the way there was no chemo or anything after the left kidney was this odd??

  1. stevea8, 28 May, 2010

    Chemo and radiation therapy are not commonly use to treat Renal Cell Carcinoma because this form of cancer is resistant to those treatments. Biologic therapies are most often used to treat metastatic Kidney disease. The type of therapy will depend on over all health but may include alpha interferon, Interleukin II, Nexavar, Sutent, Turacell (sp), Rad001 (experimental, not yet FDA approved), bone marrow replacement (if she is strong enough and has a suitable donor), Radio Frequency ablation, if the tumor is an individual occurrence and relatively small, or embolization. In the future, there may even be epigenetic therapies that can get the body to repair itself.

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