Do you always feel it when you pass a kidney stone?

Right now I’m having a LOT of pain in my back, and it feels like my kidneys. This happens every now and then and I’ve always wondered if it could be kidney stones but then I never feel anything when I go to the restroom. Do you actually feel it passing when you pee? Do you always know when it happens? And is that where you feel your pain when you are passing one? What other symptoms do you get? (Sorry for all of the questions and thank you so much to anyone who can help).

  1. Mummy to Dillon Blake, 27 May, 2010

    Well, I had 2 stones about 2 years ago. It started with crippling pain in my lower back especially when I passed urine. I also had the urge to wee constantly. I kept taking samples to the doctors convinced it was an infection but they always came back all clear.
    Eventually the doctor asked me to go for a scan and sure enough there were 2 stones there.
    After a few more weeks of more increasing pain I was booked in to have an operation to remove them as they hadnt passed yet. The morning of the operation they did a last minute scan and found that they had moved a little, so I was sent home and told that if they didnt pass in a week to go back.

    Well, about 3 days later i was passing urine and I felt a shooting pain down below – I jumped up in a panic and saw I had passed them at last!

    Basically my symptoms were: pain in lower back that got worse and worse, wanting to wee all the time and hardly anything comes out and I also kept feeling sick quite often.

    But all you can do to put your mind at ease is see a doctor, they will probably do a urine test first to check for infection and then if it isnt that then send you for a scan.

    Just drink loads of water because if it is stones then it helps to wash them out faster – and SEE A DOCTOR!


  2. Stephen, 27 May, 2010

    This web link, about Kidney Stones, may give you the answers that you are looking for? I can’t guarantee its accuracy – see below?

  3. Rachael, 27 May, 2010


    Having kidney stones myself and being under one of the top Urologists in UK I can pretty much be sure that he’s right when he says as a rule stones aren’t always noticed, they can be passed easily without problems. That said, you can feel them leaving you depending on the size. I think it all depends on your stones, where they are, how big and what treatments are available. They can zap them to reduce the size of the stones so they can be passed easily. I should also point out though that it’s is very rare that normal size stones don’t cause pain. Everyone I’ve ever known to have them are usually in A&E in alot of agony and the passing pain has been compared to giving birth….. Sounds like you need to get to a doctor and get a proper diagnosis and start treatment, hope you’re feeling much better soon.

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