How do they get rid of kidney stones?

I am seventeen and was recently diagnosed with kidney stones and I’m just curious to what they are, how you get rid of them, how long they’ll take to go away and what will they do when I go see the specialist? As much information that I could understand would be appreciated.

  1. ckm1956, 25 May, 2010

    They’re basically large crystals that form in the kidneys. If they stay there, they usually don’t bother you.

    If they start to "pass" down towards the bladder, there’s pain. It CAN be significant. LOTS of fluids and pain relief are the main treatments.

    If it doesn’t pass, a urologist may need to pass an instrument up and break up the stone with a laser.
    Before that, they may try lithotripsy. In this, the stone is hit with ultrasound waves from the outside.

    Most stones are calcium based, but that doesn’t mean you avoid calcium.

    I try to drink enough fluid so that I pee clear. Not yellow, not pale, clear.

    Good luck.

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