Boxer’s Fracture by Farshchian

Boxer’s Fracture as discussed by doctor Alimorad Farshchian

  1. tricolor10, 18 March, 2009

    i got a boxers fracture about a week ago and got a cast since then..i cant make a complete fist and my pinky hangs a little low if i try to straighten them out..will this go away? into boxing and im nervous i wont be able to make a complete fist long does it take for me to make a complete fist again?

  2. HugoPaitan, 25 March, 2009

    i have the same problem i just didn’t get a cast ’cause of my job…i’ve got some splints instead..we may not be able to make a complete fist again..well some people do. just try not to box for a least 6 weeks that’s what im gonna do..cause i box too serra-longo team

  3. MarquisW501, 01 May, 2009

    i just got 1 2day……….i punched a wall now i got a cast n i gotta have surgery

  4. cook23style, 23 May, 2009

    I broke my hand punching a door! they re broke it twice then it still wouldn’t sit right so i had suregery on it then got my pin stuck on my sons car seat while trying to buckle him in and had to have another surgery to put the pins back in !!! haha my hand still hurts and its been like 5 months

  5. BrandonBazuniuk, 06 June, 2009

    i have a boxers fracture and the doctored had to put a cast on it but before they did that they had to freeze my hand and mve the bone back in place so it can heal properly they said it will take about six weeks for it to heal.. i hope this helps you

  6. GarySpiffywinkClarke, 04 August, 2009

    I got boxers fracture today. Went to the hospital, but they just put a splint on it. I need to go to a fracture clinic in 2 weeks. I hope they put a cast on it then, ‘cos my hands killing me

  7. RobbyStef, 06 August, 2009

    hope you are alright broke 2 of my metacarpal bones in my left hand apparently from beating a guy up…. he started it…. i broke my 5th and 4th bones hurts like hell! didn’t go to the hosp till a day later “Worst day of my life” anyways i hope you’re alright and don’t require pins! good luck to you.

  8. RobbyStef, 06 August, 2009

    aww that’s a pity i broke 2 metacarpal bones by punching a guy a couple times he started it! he fortunately didn’t suffer much than a swollen face but i’m glad he’s alright cause it was the first time i really hurt someone =/ poor guy but i’m glad i got my punishment! breaking my hand in the act! hope all goes well for you good luck.

  9. lilrak72, 08 August, 2009

    ya, im a wrestler and i lost like 7 months ago, punched a padded wall with brick underneath, broke my 4th and 5th medicarple the two nuckles were pushed in the middle of my hand, and they had to re-break it 4 times…im glad i didnt need surgery…THIS IS FOR ALL U HOT HEADS OUT THERE DONT EVER I REPEAT DONT EVER PUNCH SOMETHING HARDER THEN YOUR HAND, ITS TOTALY NOT WORTH IT AT ALL, U WILL END UP LIKE ME…I NOW HAVE 2 LARGE BUMPS IN MY HAND WERE I BROKE IT, I WILL HAVE THEM FOR LIFE.

  10. BIGdean3x8x, 17 August, 2009

    i have one by my pinkey, my trainer told me it was too late for surgery or anything, but its totally livable. i play football and it hurt way less than a jamped finger when it happend

  11. steel wheel, 08 November, 2010

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