Ever heard of anyone having a urethro-vaginal fistula (or have one) caused by a kidney stone?

or do you know if it is possible for a kidney stone to cause a fistula? and if so do you know how common or uncommon fistulas caused by kidney stones are?

  1. Thewraith98, 24 May, 2010

    I have never heard it being caused by a kidney stone, its usually an abnormality or other causes…Do research online there is plenty out there to read up on….Good Luck 🙂

  2. Sara M, 24 May, 2010

    never heard of that before

  3. centralcurve, 24 May, 2010

    I’m not sure if the urethrae are close enough to the vagina to cause a fistula. It might be helpful to ask the question in a different category. Maybe in Science & Mathematics > Medicine.

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