Re: WarriorWoahMan’s Blog # 17 – Kidney stone advice, anyone

I’m a little tipsy from medication today, but wanted to post a response for my kidney stone partner in crime. 🙂

  1. debbsterst, 06 July, 2008

    Hi Taunia,
    You might ask the Doctor about Allopurinal (sp). It decreases the amount of uric acid in your kidneys. I have too much uric acid and that’s what my doc put me on. HOpe this helps. Take care, Debbie

  2. meltingmamma, 07 July, 2008

    My dr. said to stay away from tea. He said most people turn to tea when they give up sodas, and tea really can cause kidney stones. I dont know, but since watching yours and Shannons videos, I drink at least 3 glasses of cranberry juice just for preventivie measures! I hope it helps!

  3. Ultimatecruegirl, 07 July, 2008

    I think Roxysete (bad spelling) is actually a form of morphine. At least what I remember from working with hospice. Which would be why they don’t want you to have it very addictive. Medical community is sometimes very insensitive when it comes to others pain.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  4. WarriorWoahMan, 07 July, 2008

    Thank you SO SO much for this! I’ll definitely keep that in mind. Really awesome advice. I never would have even thought of that. I’ll also steer clear of the tea and try and up my liquid/cranberry/water intake. I practically slosh now 🙂

  5. shall1970, 07 July, 2008

    Hi all… I just wanted to leave a comment also. After about 3 months after gastric bypass I was ok’ed to take pills! I know that it is hard to get liquid pain medication… just be diligent in asking for it. Also, ask your gastric bypass doctor when you can start taking pills again. I believe mine was after 3 months!

    Suzanne 🙂

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