Getting a kidney stone broken up?

I have a appointment today to get a 12 mm kidney stone broken up, I heard the procedure don’t hurt but what about when you have to pee out the fragments, thank you.

  1. Dane L, 23 May, 2010

    The procedure is done with ultrasound so no, it won’t hurt. But depending on how big the fragments are, they might be a little uncomfortable peeing them out. But hey, it’s better than having to pass the stone as a whole!

    A good way to prevent this fromm happening is cutting down on the soda!

  2. yleik, 23 May, 2010

    Hi there,

    How are you? I really hope you’re not suffering from kidney stones, but if you are, perhaps the following can be of help to you.

    From 1997 till February 12th 2009 I have had numerous ER visits to deal with the pain of having kidney stones including hospitalizations and two medical procedures to remove stones, a Ureteroscopic Stone Removal in 2007 and a Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) in February 2009.

    I found both procedures to be quite unpleasant. I will not go into detail here except to say that the ESWL was supposed to be a one day outpatient procedure, but I reacted poorly 1.5 hours after the procedure and spent a further 5 days in hospital.

    Early this year before the ESWL I desperately called an ambulance to get me and my girlfriend to hospital. I wouldn’t have known I had a kidney stone then but for a bout of vomiting caused by food poisoning. My girlfriend had food poisoning too, but I was the one who spent the next few days in a ward. The vomiting caused many contractions of my abdominal area stimulating the kidneys. That night was awful; the pain was so intense.

    If you suspect you have a kidney stone or definitely know that you have one or more I suggest the four sources below. Here’s a brief description of each.

    1) The Mayo Clinic.
    Famous for piloting many of today’s ground breaking medical procedures has a great website and detailed information on Kidney Stones and description of medical treatment options.

    2)The Kidney Stone Removal Site
    A unique natural way to remove kidney stones. Basically the information to help you remove your stones is in the form of an e-book, a kind of alternative first aid for removing your stones quickly, safely and effectively. Download is available at the Kidney Stone Removal Site. The price of this e-book is no more than a descent dinner out an no where near the price of hospital bills and the price one has to eventually pay for damage to the kidneys.

    3)Kidney Stones Breakthrough Site
    Rather than a first aid approach to Kidney Stones this author’s work provides a long term approach that aims to provide you with ground breaking information on the latest solutions to a healthier life free of kidney stones.

    Great site about traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage, and subtle breathing exercises for health. The link below discusses, you guessed it; kidney stones. It’s a surprisingly easy read with lots of free interesting information and advice on modern medical and traditional Chinese therapies.

    Remember your kidneys are a valuable organ performing a number of extremely important functions in your body. Treat them with the utmost care.

    Best of health to you and wishing you a long and fruitful life.

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