Kidney stones please help for the love of God!?

I have a kidney stone. I was told there are certain foods to avoid to stop the development of kidney stones. Aside from that I heard lemon juice is good to help pass it quicker. Can anyone confirm this or can someone tell me if there is any danger in this. Every answer is appreciated I’m tired of taking percocet and screaming. They told me there is a procdure they can do but I don’t want anything stuck in my penis.

  1. rdnek1001, 23 May, 2010

    Foods to consider avoiding

    Oxalate combines with calcium to form insoluble crystals that make up most kidney stones.

    Hence it is a good idea to avoid most oxalate foods like

    green peppers
    spinach (seems to produce the most oxalate)
    cocoa, chocolate
    peanuts, peanut oil
    salt – causes more excretion of calcium in urine
    lots of meat
    soft drinks (have phosphoric acid)
    wheat bran
    This website also has a list of foods you should be eating

  2. Jake W, 23 May, 2010

    Start drinking your first urine early morning…
    your life will change thoroughly, may sound wear but it is a cure…

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