Whats the most that a kidney stone bill should be?

I was in the hospital for 2 days, had 2 cat scans, some drugs throughout the stay, and a stent inserted into me. That was all I had and i got a ,000 bill, this doesn’t seem right to me just from comparing what others have had done to them and their cost. I also dont have health insurance because I cant afford it.

  1. Anne2, 23 May, 2010

    OK, the bill is high. But that said, the Hospital does not expect you to be able to pay it all at once. Be sure and protect your credit, If you send them say 5 to ten dollars a month they cannot sue you. Be sure and send them something, for credit once lost is very difficult to get back. Someday you will apply with your husband for a loan to buy a house, and you really do not want something to show up on your record as a non payer.
    You can question the amount of the bill, but do not expect to have it corrected, hospitals in this case always win. Sorry, and someday you need to get insurance, you cannot afford to be without it.

  2. the_only_solorose, 23 May, 2010

    I can really sympathize with you, I am in the same position, and the costs quoted to me are over 60,000 dollars. Healthcare in this country is becoming a luxury that only the very rich can afford. I am a nurse, I am working, and I cannot afford insurance either, for me alone they want 800 dollars a month, and it would be a choice between health insurance and a roof over my head. Middle america is getting to the point with these insurance companies that no one in our salary range can afford to get sick.

  3. Susan T, 23 May, 2010

    Ask them for an ITEMIZED bill. Often you’ll find things like $400.00 for bandages, stuff that makes no sense. I bet you can get it knocked down significantly.

    Also get them to work out a payment plan with you. By law, if you are making good faith efforts to pay, they cannot turn you over to collections.

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