Attack of the Kidney Stones

  1. REEDSBUD, 25 August, 2009

    Oh man, I am sorry to hear about this sir!! I can only imagine the pain and I sure hope you get thru this as soon and as painless as possible!!

  2. sajakbar, 25 August, 2009

    that sucks man, kidneys are evil!! you should numb it with stupendous amounts of alcohol :D, but nah hope you get it sorted soon, worst pain ive ever had is a root canal and when your leg gets “zapped” as youre asleep and you wake up and its all spasming like an eel..not sure what thats called..

  3. Papa2two, 25 August, 2009

    It’s said that passing a kidney stone is the closest a man can come to the feeling a woman experiences when having a baby. Glad you came through the worst part okay…rsmf

  4. maikeli7, 25 August, 2009

    Ay-Carumbah! So sorry to learn of your ordeal, Dave! I hope that you make a full and quick recovery!!
    Best wishes,

  5. JimNtexas, 25 August, 2009

    Here’s some more good wishes that you overcome this problem, whatever it is, quickly and painlessly.

  6. imthepcguy, 25 August, 2009

    Hey buddy, hope it subsides quickly, both me and my wife get these periodically. No warnings either…Take some Vicadin and try to relax, thats what we do…if there isn’t enough with other health problems what and the heck is this, some of these ailments amaze me.

  7. MrBKBiker, 25 August, 2009

    Buddy, I hope everything passes okay. Like Papa2Two said, I heard it was closes a man can come to feeling like having a baby! Too bad not some med to break them up before you pass them! ouch! Hope you feel better soon.

  8. britex3186, 25 August, 2009

    Get better soon bro!

  9. HondaMedic, 25 August, 2009

    I’ve brought guys in to hospital with the same, and man are they in pain!!! Hope yours have passed! Good luck!

  10. DumbDuck44, 25 August, 2009

    youch, be sure to get to a doc so they can run an analysis and determine the cause so it can be avoided in the future. =/

  11. Synistr1, 25 August, 2009

    You mean Giving Birth to a jagged ball of razor blades.

    When I was taking pravastatin I had one every 3 months. Never had one before the med and stone free 3 years since I changed meds.

    Good Luck on the passage. Worse case, remember they pull the ripcord very fast so be ready.

  12. simplystrick, 25 August, 2009

    sorry to hear about those pesky stones!

  13. 8cuttlefish8, 25 August, 2009

    HOLY MOLY! Sounds horrible mate, glad your okay now.

  14. brotherblonde, 25 August, 2009

    Man, I know your pain. I had one a few years ago and would not wish that pain on anybody!

    Hope your recovery is speedy.

    I keep forgetting to put the motovlogger logo at the end of my vids.
    (See, I watched thru to the end) 🙂

  15. piaggiobeauty, 25 August, 2009

    so sorry Cowboy……been there…..done that and it is UGLY!!!!…moe

  16. maricopaapt14, 25 August, 2009

    I have heard they can be painful. Too bad for not having sick time. Adios…

  17. KeukaRyder, 25 August, 2009

    Hang in there bro. Get a good sleep tonite!

  18. 1954shadow, 25 August, 2009

    It is written, ‘this, too, will pass.’

  19. Fudmottin, 25 August, 2009

    I’m a big milk drinker and kidney stones are one of my fears in life. I’ve heard about the pain. I don’t like pain. I hope I never have that pain.

  20. LARC0, 25 August, 2009

    Ouch. I wish you little pain and a speedy recovery SC. I haven’t had it happen, and really don’t want to either.

  21. Thaibiker85, 26 August, 2009

    sorry about the kidney stone. I went to the hospital in the winter of 2008 for a severe back pain the woke me up at 6 am. So I did a urine test and they sound out that I had a kidney stone around 3mm. in diameter. And to add to the kidney stone, they also found out that my appendix was inflamed and could burst at any moment. So I they won’t let me go home and operated on my later that day. And yeah I will never forget that distinct pain.

  22. Swipe650, 26 August, 2009

    Sounds very painful. I hope that’s the last of it.

  23. azgothsick6sick, 26 August, 2009

    hope you have a speedy recovery..r u gonna blast those stones???

  24. dbauernf, 26 August, 2009

    No video of you in pain? Geez. I feel for you, it’s been compared to pain of women giving birth etc.. I guess I’m lucky I havent been there (yet). Just keep Alf close to you and you’ll be fine! Get well soon!

  25. AmBushZx6R, 06 October, 2009

    I know that PAIN Cowboy.. Had them 2 weeks ago.. Went in to the hos and 5 hrs later I walked out.. They put me in the sonic tube to brake them up. 3 IV’s and a 3hr of sleep – mainly do to the pain

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