KIDNEY STONES a POST WLS GB concern for all of us!

I want to check in and speak about an unexpected health issue directly related to my bypass-6 months ago– and happening now! Kidney Stones! this is a precautionary tale my friends be aware!

  1. seemego2150, 18 May, 2010

    uh ohh… the stone! good luck with that and sorry you’re going through all of that pain and difficulty

  2. jenny0562, 18 May, 2010

    Didn’t realise you weren’t well – so glad you are feeling better!Really nice that so many rang to wish you well.Take care of yourself 🙂

  3. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @jenny0562 it came on out of nowhere- I had no clue what was going on- but in hindsight– I can see a few symptoms– thanks for the good wishes– I am in no pain but the weirdness of a stent- which yesterday I kept thinking I felt a catheter in! today not so noticeable!

  4. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @seemego2150 thansk so much– really once they morphined me and did the stint- I have had no pain- and won’t supposedly until??? I have it out, they blast away the stone- ( a month or more away?) and if I get another stone which is highly probable-in future!

  5. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @kacykwinn aw Kacy– it is a lot of consolation! hahaha you know that! I feel okay- no pain- just the thought of a condition I didn’t have before-ugh… and trying to be as proactive as I can by gathering info on this!

  6. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @jstwnt2gethlthy thanks Marie! I am !

  7. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @bunnybeetle OMG DEB– what a mess you went through! you had it much worse I think! — I am coming to check you out now!

  8. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @bunnybeetle – Have just sent you a note friend- you had a terrible time in hosiptal didn’t you? I am sending big hugs to you!

  9. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @Queensteve yes sweetie thanks to love I get from you!

  10. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @gastricRose Thanks miss R– I feel safe knowing you are around!

  11. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @kayesplace – I am making your lentil soup right now…mmm…I can smell it from here!– I did more research today for prevention of stones- hope you got the “note” it is a new YT contraption– it says to drink lemon water!– I can do that!

  12. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @freshorangina Thansk so much– I was deliberating going into emergency– the long wait etc– but I am glad I did! for sure!

  13. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @anewme1983 it was more gross discomfort– while I lay there on my sofa I kept breathing like for labor! and I thought– this is like labor pains! then I read an article that describes it the same way! at least it is over for now.

  14. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @IamKris411 –I agree Kris– I never really had any corally clothes until this spring– and I have this jacket and two adorable t-shirts– do you think that makes me a “summer” in that color thingy?

  15. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @yalg22 Buddy! I haven’t even had a whole bottle of wine ( total) in 6 months — and I chose the name cabernet queen for a reason! my pouch doesn’t love it so much– on occasion a few ounces I enjoy— but Ah well!

  16. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @SarahWillBeSkinny could be partly my middle age! but also big correlation to GB-not any other WLS procedure! thanks Miss Sarah!

  17. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @cah237 it happened so suddenly!

  18. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @WLSFA I sent you the link friend- it is important info for us at middle age! and post GB!

  19. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @taytay2befit yeah- hey can’t fit me in to zap it until July I think!

  20. cabernetqueen, 18 May, 2010

    @AllyKatPerth Thanks sweetie- I am good today the pain is only when the stone blocks up things I think…and the stint is supposed to keep it from doing that — I hope! I am trying to drink all the water etc– it probably is in combo with my age too!

  21. WinndysWorld, 19 May, 2010

    Welcome home! I’ll keep you in my prayers!! You look wonderful though!!!!

  22. angie2sm, 20 May, 2010

    laser lithotripsy fun fun… ureteropelvic junction, =) i didnt know u were even in the hospital, i havent followed anything lately. i hope u feel better soon girlie! i didnt know about the kidney stones and since i dont have my gallbladder i didnt worry about it. glad i know now though! thanks girl. love ya!

  23. punkrockprincess6969, 20 May, 2010

    glad ur ok 🙂

  24. cabernetqueen, 20 May, 2010

    @angie2sm Hey girl- it was a big surprise to me! I feel fine– only worry is I am going on holiday to England and am not real comfy with the stent idea in my bod! who knows what might happen!

  25. startingover2010, 21 May, 2010

    Oh my goodness! I’m glad you’re ok! How wonderful that you received so many phone calls and visits!

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