Why: Kindey treatment expensive?

I was wondering – dialysis treatment costs a lot, some pple cant even afford it. Is there a reason why its so expensive? I mean its not like the patients themselves ask god for that sickness (like you wanna go for a cruise, its something u WANT, so u pay for it). in reality if u dont have the money, u die.

I thought the dialysis uses only a machine to ‘clean’ the blood rite. so u pay for the power supply only rite? or am i wrong?

anyone knows how this treatment works? or why its so ex? i dont have kidney failure or anything. just curious.

  1. Insensitively Honest, 22 May, 2010

    You have power supply , the high dollar equipment , and all of the staff at the facility who have a salary, ( high salary ) benefits etc. Not counting the technicians who keep the machines running properly , ,and add in the high cost of transporting supplies, equipment , and patients to the facility. Plus most patients have Medicare or other insurance , the ones who pay out of the pocket are also paying for those who do not pay , Dialysis is very expensive , as is cancer treatment , it is big business , and with multi-million dollar machines . They do not buy the equipment , and let anyone use it for free. There are a ton of things going on behind the scene that costs a lot of money . After all the heads of the clinics can’t pay on the Mercedes , and the gated community housing if all we did was pay for the power the machine used.

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