is it safe take chitosan if you have kidney stones?

i was wondering if anyone has taken chitosan and if it is safe to take if you have kidney stones.

  1. Kong L, 21 May, 2010

    If you have kidney stones, i think i can introduce one drug to you, which is effective and have no side-effect.

    Weilingxian-Stone Relief Formula
    Main ingredient: Wei Ling Xian

    It gets rid of rheumatism, clears meridian, eliminates phlegm, and relieves hypochondrium accumulation. This is a natural tea formula that assists the breaking up and passing of gall and kidney stones. After taking it continously for 10 days, you will become regular.

    Features: No toxicity, no chemical ingredients, natural, extracted from herbs, efficiency ten times than raw herbs.

    Directions: Put the tea into boiling water (120ml), and then drink. One bag each time, 3 times daily, 10 days for one treatment

    so if you want to take it, you don’t need to worry . it is very convenient to you.

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