When passing a Kidney Stone, does it hurt?

I got my 1st kidney stone today!!! Looking forward to more. It hurt when the stone traveled from the kidney to the bladder. My question is…

How much does it hurt when the stone leaves the bladder and comes out in the toilet?
Let me just add this…

I was doubled over in the fetal position while driving my car down the freeway, I thought my appendix burst and I was going to die. No joke. I made it to the ER and he pumped me full of some painkiller equal to morphine. No that it’s in my bladder the anticipation of that pain with no "Super" pain killers is almost terrifying. All he gave was 10 percosets (SP.)


  1. djsquared22, 20 May, 2010

    if the stone is already in the bladder than you have passed the worst part. Your urethra (exit tube) is larger than the ureter (kidney to bladder tube). You have nothing to fear. You will probably not even feel it now, or even see it when it passes. Believe it or not kidney stones are extremely small, like the size of a grain of sand.

  2. vicarious, 20 May, 2010

    Depending on the size. Some people say they never even notice it. Others say it is the worst pain they have ever experienced.

  3. jojo, 20 May, 2010

    the only thing I’ve ever heard men compare to giving birth, but really it depends on the size.

  4. I AM GOD, 20 May, 2010

    depends on the size of it.

  5. Ookpik, 20 May, 2010

    I’ve heard it’s pretty bad………….

  6. >>illusionist<<, 20 May, 2010

    its like peeing out a bowling ball……out of a pinhole…..i would say it hurts really bad……and that shouldnt be humorous……because my mother almost died from one.

  7. doug955, 20 May, 2010

    like p*ssing razor blades

  8. Piojita, 20 May, 2010

    Is like giving birth! Ugh!

  9. B, 20 May, 2010

    I was in an ER when my oldest son was little. There was this man in there at the time. He was screaming his head off, the nurse was saying push! Must have been pretty big stones! Good luck!

  10. ckm1956, 20 May, 2010

    It depends on the stone and the person. Passing a stone isn’t nearly as painful as when one obstructs (like you describe).
    Drink tons of water daily to help it flush.

  11. HokieMustang00, 20 May, 2010

    The beginning is the worst part. I’ve seen it bring men to their knees. The rest won’t be enjoyable, but will be a cakewalk compared to the original passing. If you haven’t already, I suggest seeing a doctor to prevent future stones. Excessive amounts of sugary or caffeinated beverages, and taking in calcium at night, are definitely something you should avoid future stones.

  12. honestly, 20 May, 2010

    I have had two kidney stones. One was surgically removed and the other came out on its own. While it was passing from my kidney through the uretor is when it hurt the most. I would rather have a baby and I gave natural birth to an 11 pound girl. When it actually came out of my body it did not hurt near as badly. Make sure you drink lots and lots of water to help build up pressure behind the stone to push it out. The doctor should have given you a screen to catch it in. They will want to analyze it to see what it is made of so they can determine your best treatment options against future stones.

  13. mashi_cutie1004, 20 May, 2010

    I’ve seen people cry becuase they hurt so much.. and I heard it hurts alot.. like I’ve seen ppl do all kinds of things becuase the pain was intense… I hope you pass the stone well with the minimal of pain.. But yea be prepared I would say..

  14. grinder_6851, 20 May, 2010

    depending on the size it could be quite pain full…however if it is normal size about the size of a pin head you probably won’t really notice that’s why the Md gave you paper filter to catch it in..have it analyzed you probably need to change your diet…and if you drink soda a lot then be forewarned the pain will return usually about 5 7 years apart

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